Jiffy Hydro Growing System For Hydroponics


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  • A growing system for indoor use. Includes pump
  • Includes 6″ Pot with holes, soilless growing media, insert lid, self watering pot, and air pump with hose
  • A growing system for indoor use
  • Product dimensions: 11.25 centimeters (H) x 13.0 centimeters (L) x 13.0 centimeters (W)
  • Grow young to mature plants in the comfort of your own home
  • Grow your plants in water instead of soil
  • Hydroponic plants grow 30% – 50% faster than plants grown in soil
  • Needs Nutrients added to water
  • Plants grown in water require less water than plants planted in soil
  • Plants grown hydroponically are healthier and happier
  • power source type: Electricity
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